Music is a universal language with no barriers or walls, a language that everybody can understand. Whether you are a passionate listener or an artist music is your story, the soundtrack of your life, your heartbeat.

Talents from all over the world move to Los Angeles – California with a hope: GET NOTICED.

La Underground Radio is an online radio station completely dedicated to unsigned musicians, bands and independent labels from all over the world.




Do you feel TIRED and BORED of REPETITIVE content? Are you TIRED and BORED of frivolous discussions on topics that NEARLY GRASP YOUR ATTENTION and RARELY CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR LIFE? Do you find it TIME CONSUMING and DIFFICULT to FIND NEW MUSIC?

LA Underground Radio is operated by humans and no algorithms! We are committed to provide you with quality curated music content as well as live talks, interviews, games and much much more!!!


LA Underground Radio Employment Vision

Making all people feel valued.

Respect for and appreciation of differences such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation.